18 thoughts on “YouTube video: BIGFOOT Tracks and Tree Structures Discovered

  1. Don’t trample Bigfoot’s morals. At least they have some unlike some of the creatures in our Govt… MAGA 2020!!!

  2. Wait you can get people to pay you 5K to take them on a hike in your back yard looking for bigfoot?

  3. Such sightings are gnostic overlays of the visual cortex via advanced alien technological means from afar. You know, like the Burning Bush of Moses or The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. The Silicon Valley techie term that applies is “augmented reality”, as in recent gaming sensation Pokémon Go, where reality is enhance with something that isn’t actually there.

  4. I’m hoping to find someone with Sasquatch experience that’s interested/willing to help me explore an area more thoroughly, I’m not brave enough to do so alone.
    So far I’ve found the following (not all on same visit, I’ve hiked in the area numerous times during this last year):
    • Numerous structures, some of which have been quite amazing
    • Footprints of varying sizes: at least 5 that were ≈21″ in length, 2 (maybe 3, though 3rd wasn’t clear enough to be certain) of ≈13-14″ and my favorite: 2 prints that were only 3-4″ long!
    • 1 VERY distinct wood-knock that literally sounded like someone hitting a home-run

  5. I’m fascinated with the videos on tree structure signs of activity. I have been backpacking since time out of mind (I love going off trail) and wonder how many signs I have missed over the years. I now have some ideas of what I should be looking for.

  6. hey we are in the rockies of colorado and we heard this amazing screech a few times and two days later we came across ones bedding. would love to meet with you guys please respond.

  7. Bigfoot footprints have been found all over North America. Hundreds of plaster casts are made from these prints, typically measure at least 14” long and vary in width, shape, and depth.

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