Late night motorist has bigfoot sighting and loses control of vehicle.

[wpedon id=”587″]At about 2:00 A.M. I was driving about 60 mph, saw a figure moving on the road ahead. The very large furry human shaped creature stopped, turned and looked toward the lights, then turned and walked into the trees. I was terrified…I slammed on the brakes and my small car spun completely around. I got the car straight and kept going. I’ve told only a few people about this incident. My friends said it must have been a bear, but it was no bear. It was a light golden brown with slightly darker areas on some of the fur. The face was flat like a human…not a pointed nose like a bear. It was larger than a normal human. I recently saw mention of sightings in East Texas while I was searching for wild animals of East Texas, since I recently moved to this area and see and hear lots of coyotes and unknown smaller wildlife out here in the country, so thought ‘Maybe these folks won’t think I’m crazy…I really did see this creature’. It was a light golden brown with slightly darker areas on some of the hair. The face was flat like a human…not a pointed nose like a bear. It was larger than a normal human.

Investigator’s Comments

I this witness at length and my impression was that she was friendly and more than willing to go back over her reported incident. The witness told me that she was returning to her home; she had been visiting some friends when a figure stepped out of the woods from her right (east) and onto the road. The witness recalled immediately applying her brakes to avoid a collision. Her brakes locked and she skidded past the subject while also spinning 180 degrees. The witness described how the vehicle came to a stop in the road facing back to the south; she was now facing the figure. The witness estimated that she was only 30 – 40 feet from the subject at this time.

She remembered the subject being upright on two legs. She said that the subject stared at her for several seconds. The witness noted that the subject was covered with honey blonde hair with some intermittent darker patches. As the subject stared at her, she noted that the face did seem to be a bit darker colored than the hair on the body. The witness described the face as being flat and said that there was no snout whatsoever. She did not recall seeing ears or genitalia. She added that the subject was extremely large and bigger than a man. She estimated that its height was between seven and eight feet. The witness did not recall the subject being especially thick or long-armed. She described the subject as proportional in terms of its arm length and thickness.

The witness indicated that after just a few seconds the subject continued walking across the road (toward the west) on two legs. The witness said that the subject did not seem to be in any hurry and did not seem to be nearly as frightened as she was. At no time did the subject ever drop down on all fours.

The witness told me that she had not consumed any alcohol that night. She has told a few people about the incident but each time she was casually dismissed or ridiculed. She said as a result, she has talked very little about the encounter.

The witness is very adamant that what she saw could not have been a bear. She also felt the sheer size of the subject precluded the possibility of it being a man. This encounter took place within 15 – 20 miles of another alleged sighting of a similarly-described subject crossing state Highway in 2014. The similarity of the physical appearance and the nonchalant behavior of the two subjects is interesting.

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18 thoughts on “Late night motorist has bigfoot sighting and loses control of vehicle.

  1. Will there be a video, narrated by Georgio Tsoukalos? “Some believe ….” , “Could it be ….”, “Bigfoot forest says ….”

  2. In the Northwest Sasquatch is real. The Patterson film proves it. Bigfoot mostly is a hoax, like crop circles, flying saucers and space aliens.

    1. You may be biased towards the upper northwest areas of Washington state, B.C. Sasquatch lore. There are authentic sightings and footage of Bigfoot from the Carolinas to the west coast and all over the world, jus’ sayin.

  3. Buen trabajo en este artículo! Verdaderamente me gusta cómo presentaste tus hechos y cómo lo hiciste encantador y fácil de entender. Gracias.

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