Deer hunter witnesses two Bigfoots fighting.

The witness stated that he first heard deafening roaring, screaming and growling sounds from unknown animals on the forested mountain slope north of his concealed hunting location. He assumed the animals were bears. He heard tree limbs and brush cracking and breaking as the animals came closer to the opposite side of the clear-cut he was watching for deer. He saw the brush being shaken and bent and within a few seconds he saw two huge auburn-colored animals come rolling out into the open woods alongside the clear-cut. He estimated that they were about 150 yards from his position. He stated they were wrestling, grappling and roaring as if in mortal combat. As he watched, they separated more than once and one of them would try to run away in quadrupedal fashion only to be run down and caught by the other as it traveled upright on two feet. The witness said that each time the fleeing Bigfoot was caught, the two began wrestling and rolling on the ground again, all the while screaming and roaring. The fight continued down the mountain, just inside the wood line adjacent to the clear-cut and in clear view of the witness. The witness stated they were soon within 50 yards of him as they reached the the old logging road just above the point where he had earlier walked off it to conceal himself in a gap in a rock outcrop. At the point the animals reached the log road, the road crosses south. The moment the two reached the log road and branch, all of their previous sounds and actions ceased. Immediately one of the subjects turned to look up the log road and branch, and the other looked the opposite direction. One of them slowly scanned the woods in his vicinity, and looked directly at him. Within a split second, both stepped into the brush and vines in the boulder-strewn branch bed and disappeared without another sound and without visible movement of the vegetation through which they passed.


Roaring, screaming and growling.

Many people (including the Field Researcher submitting this report on behalf of the witness) claim to have heard similar sounds within this part of the National Forest. The sounds range from those described above to loud, ape-like hooting sounds, whistles and sounds similar to, but louder than, grown men yelling. Some people have reported hearing daytime-feeding birds during the middle of the night.

Additional Observations

The witness stated the animals were Bigfoot-like in appearance and covered with reddish-brown hair, and that they were monstrous in size. He said he is over six tall and both these animals were nearly three feet taller. He said both appeared to have no neck but massive shoulder. Parts of their faces were hairless. Several other people have reportedly seen such animals in this general area during the past several years.

Time and Conditions

4:00 pm – Clear and cool.

Investigator’s Comments

The witness, a former police officer, is a life-long hunter. He said that he attends church regularly and he is apparently highly regarded by his peers and neighbors. He indicated that he used neither alcohol nor drugs.

The witness stated that he was dumb-founded by what he saw during this incident. He had no idea that such animals existed. Although he claimed that he was no coward (and his reputation within the community supports that assertion), he said that the subjects’ appearance, actions and sounds terrified him. He said he had never been so afraid in his life. He concluded that one shot from his muzzle loader would not be worth much if the animals charged him. He was greatly relieved when they disappeared into the brush. He said he thought the animals smelled him as they approached his back-trail. He said he was amazed that two such large animals could so quickly and quietly disappear into the underbrush in the creek bed with no detectable movement of the foliage.

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  1. I saw a bigfoot in North Carolina on a rural back road in the hills. It ran past my car about 20 yards in front of me when I was driving. It cleared the road and entered the woods in about 4 seconds. It was big, tall and auburn redish brown. It was standing upright and running on its 2 legs. No human could run that fast going from one side of the woods and across the road to the other side of the woods.

  2. You can find a bear den but you can never ever with dogs, or any kind of instrument find a “”Sasquatch””🤔

  3. I have spent a great deal of time in the outdoors. I was an avid hunter, Hunters? OMG! I can’t believe with all the hunters, trail cams, drones now, that not once has any indisputable evidence turned up.

  4. Wow, what a testimony to a horrific encounter, witnessing a heart-stopping fight of two Bigfoot….I felt like I was right there with him…

  5. Yeah hutners always carry shotguns and rifles with them when ever they go hunting LOL !!!

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