Bigfoot sighting on a trail – guest post

I went hiking a lot in Bear Mountain state park in New York and I lived near by so I hiked the same trail all the time. It was a mile and a half from my house to the trail head.  It was in the real wooded area with campgrounds and we would go hiking on the trails. The hills were all green and its all trees and mountains. The Catskills and Appalachian trail go thru it, on the other side of the park was the Hudson river. I would go there after work and I was done with work and home at 2:30 pm every day from a first shift job. I had it timed how long it would take to get there. It was the same hike each time, I would just walk the trails. Just a normal day hike, could’ve been late spring or summer and the leaves were green. I was hiking to Conklin cabin site on pine meadow lake and back. The Conklin cabin site is about the halfway point where I would turn around and go back. It was in the northern woods and it was all green tree covered hills, basically like big rolling hills. The old homesteads built there used clay pot style clay to insulate in between the log cabin walls. The Conklin cabin site house was built on a hill above a lake away from the mosquitos and back then that was cool finding things from the old days as a 25 year old kid still. I passed the lake when I was on the trail and the cabin was next to the lake. It was a 2-3 hour hike to the lake. On the map the blue lines are the streams. The parks trail paths of Conklins crossing, Cornell mine, pine meadow, long path, racoon brook hills, British march all had trail shelters for the Appalachian trail hikers that went thru it.

It’s about a four mile hike each way and I had 1.5 miles left on the way back when I started hearing it. I could not see what it was making the noise in the distance that was following me to the side. I wondered if it was a bear or a hog I was hearing that was bullying its way thru the brush in the distance. That’s what was so scary was the way it was going thru the woods. Then I started to realize that whatever it was, it just wasn’t how an animal like a dear sounds like as it goes thru the woods. It was very noisy and animals aren’t that noisy. And this area was hilly and covered with trees and brush. It was going thru the bushes not around them. When I stopped it stopped so at first, I thought it could be a human. After a couple of times ‘it’ stopping I realized that the Bigfoot creature was walking parallel to me, for about 15 minutes now. When I walked I heard it again, just parallel to me. It was clearly a Bigfoot creature following me.  I hadn’t been scared like that in the woods before. I was ready to drop my back pack and I got out my pocket knife and kept it open in my hand while I walked down the trail. I guess the Bigfoot wanted to check me out. I caught the scent of a rotten manure odor in the distance then I saw a silhouette outline covered by tree brush of a big dark head with wide shoulders in the forest 30 yards from the trail path. At that point I was about 3 miles from the nearest road on a trail in the woods and had never been that scared in the forest before or since that day.

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  1. The creature known as Bigfoot, if these beings are in the woods they know you’re in the woods. They know as soon as you arrive.

  2. Sounded like bigfoot was just curious or wanted food. It could have EASILY got him..easily. (not that I actually would want to argue with the subject of the post HaHa).

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  4. I was sitting around the campfire one night and heard the two wood knocks within several seconds of each other and then the forest went completely silent. I thought grizzly bear, but the feeling of being watched became powerful, I looked through my bight vision binoculars and slowly scanned and then the feeling of fear began, it was so intense I was terrified like I have never been since. I was by the truck and jumped in locked door and took off I floored the gas and I’ve been around bears wolfs etc and never got scared. I mean what could give off a feeling like that.

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