Motorist has early morning visual observation on the way to work.

I was on my way to work just before day light, it was starting to get light, clear skies, when I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye across an over grown farm field. I hit my brakes to get a better look thinking it might be a deer. What I saw was about 7 feet tall weighing about 300 to 350 lbs running on two legs fast. It was not light enough to get a better look. I came to a stop to watch it run into the woods, I was about 75 feet from where it disappeared. I tried to see where it was going to come out at but never got a second look.

Notes: The event was still very fresh in his mind and he was quite certain that what he had seen was unique. He offered the same description to me that he gave in his original submitted report. He did say that he was sure that the subject was covered in hair and that it was not like any animal he had ever seen before. The witness admitted that unfortunately the short duration of the encounter afforded him no details beyond what he shared with us: he estimated that it was seven feet tall, weighed in excess of three hundred pounds, was covered in dark hair and was upright and bipedal.

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  1. The name bigfoot was coined after Chief Spotted Elk of the Lakota Sioux. He was said to have had size 17 moccasins and scouts tracking them found his moccasin prints at a number of attack sites. He was killed at the battle of wounded knee.

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