15 thoughts on “new tree structures Ontario Sasquatch before and after videos

  1. In reading some of your comments I have found a common theme in your thoughts about Bigfoot being that they’re very misunderstood creatures.

  2. The Sasquatches copy each others symbols, they communicate amongst each other in order to do so and they possess commonality in language.

  3. I don’t understand how everyone says yea or na when we don’t get a good enough look at the tree structure decorated in the woods.

  4. As a retired scientist, I love her approach…pursue reasons, logic, and evidence. I believe there IS a creature because there are just too many accounts from some credible witnesses.

    1. It has to be somewhere in the wilderness in the summer because Ontario is a big city that has 20 degree days (and colder) in the winter or much of the year.

  5. the berries trails through Ontario will be blooming round July but watch out for the bears also

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