Experienced hunter has morning sighting while at hunting lease.

I was fishing at the time and I had my 2 hunting dogs with me. We were on the lease by ourselves at the time. It was a Friday morning. It was cool morning, very quiet. I was walking around a lake of about 30 acres and fishing from the river. Again, the 2 dogs from camp came with me. These dogs have hunted alot in these and nearby woods.

I went to camp and no one was there, so I went up to a lake coming in on the main road and started to fish the banks. The dogs started to not howl but moan and they went back towards the camp. At first I thought nothing of it, but as they got down the road they were very loudly yapping. I thought it must be coyotes coming around, and I had a Bushmaster AR rifle on my shoulder, so I put down my pole and walked into some brush close by. I had the rifle with me and I was not scared, but I was very caught off guard. I just put a round in the chamber and started to watch and I saw a very large dark upright thing come out of the swamp area across the road. I could have shot it, but I did not know what it was. It must have been 400 or 500 lbs, and close to 7 feet tall. It was a very large upright animal, but it moved unlike anything that I have seen in the woods before, and I spend alot of time in the woods. It had dark brown to dark red hair. Long hair, 2 to 3 inches long, shaggy and matted somewhat. It looked like it had no neck with a very large upper body and long arms, but it looked like it was as scared of me as I was of it. No smell. It had eyes that looked like a hog or bear eyes, but it looked at me like no other animal ever has.

As soon as I moved to get a better look and sight on it, it just jumped back into the woods and was gone. There was nothing but muddy water where it went back into the woods. I looked for tracks and there was none. I started into the area where it went, but I felt something that I never felt in the woods before, a very bad feeling, like I was not to be there.

I went back to the road and went to camp. No one was at camp so I went home. On the way out there was a large tree branch across the road where I saw the animal. I just want to know what it was I saw.

Physical Evidence

Truly I am glad I did not shoot this animal. It was just that – an animal. I had a .45 side arm and a Bushmaster AR rifle with me – a kill shot could have been made, but this was something I could not kill.


A very low but easily heard growl as it turned back into the wooded swamp, but the sound was felt as much as heard.

Additional Observations

The area is full of game, (hogs, coyotes, gators, etc.) so we always carry a firearm. 2 old hunting dogs came with me from camp. We have alot of land leased, around 3000 acres. I went to bank fish a lake of about 50 acres, the dogs went back to camp. But they made noise on their way. I really thought it was coyotes, so I got ready to kill a few in the brush by the lake on that side of the road and it came out across the road. I could have killed it, but the eyes, it looked at me like it was a man, I could not pull the trigger. I did not know and still do not know what it was. I do not kill something if I don’t know what it is.

We all talk about the booger of the river but no one ever said they have seen it or heard it, and I will not be the first to say I did at camp.n But the old tales and talk of this animal is real, I saw it. It’s not a monster or tall tale, it is just a real animal and I saw it. No one at camp needs to know that.

Investigator’s Comments

Apparently, the place is full of wildlife; it is along a waterway, has several bodies of water on it, and is extremely wooded. The witness said that wildlife seem to be naturally drawn to the area since there is so much development a few miles away almost in any direction.

The witness recalled that he was fishing when his dogs ran off moaning. He thought at first that perhaps there were coyotes around, so he stepped into some brush in preparation for any coyotes that might be coming. However, when he saw a large upright hair-covered figure step out of the woods about 60 yards away, he was totally shocked.

The witness watched the subject for several seconds and then he tried to move to a better vantage point. At that time, the subject reportedly quickly moved off into the woods. The witness said that he could not believe his eyes. He described it as perhaps 7 feet in height and brown or reddish-brown in color, with hair all over.

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  1. It’s likely the Bigfoot species, if living nearby, has a level of comfort with the human hunters.

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  3. The hunter should return to the spot in the spring to hunt mushrooms, good luck with the shrooms.

  4. A nice Remington 870 stainless would be a little welcome gift for any ‘Squatch that gets a bit too close and personal. Respect! 👍

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