Squirrel hunter has a daytime encounter

I was squirrel hunting on my grandmothers property, that is around 9 miles east of town. I had just walked in a clearing, about 14 x 30 ft, surrounded by dense foliage. I had a Remington single shot 12 gauge with me. I was looking up into the trees for any sign of squirrels when I caught a movement out of the corner of my right eye. I looked down and to the front of me and saw standing about 15 ft away a very large creature. It was about 6 ft  to 7 ft tall, very broad shouldered, very hairy except the face. The face was devoid of hair. coal black eyes, wide nose, very long arms and big hands. It was like I had surprised it. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds, when I cocked my 12 gauge. At that time it turned to its right and disappeared. VERY quickly. It was getting to be dusk but I did look for tracks and found none. There was no smell. I hunted at that location quite often and know the surroundings. That day there were no birds, squirrels or any signs of wildlife whatsoever. It started to get darker so I started home.

In speaking directly to the witness, I got the impression that he was relieved to be able to report his encounter that he experienced as a teen. He informed me that his family had a history of encounters with Sasquatches there on his grandmother’s property; the land no longer belongs to the family, but when it did, the witness spent much time there hunting.

The witness told me that his grandmother claimed to have seen a Bigfoot peering through her bathroom window, which was very high off the ground. The witness’s uncle also had an encounter while mowing grass out by the woods. Apparently, the uncle ran to the house, leaving his “prized-possession” lawn mower after something just inside the woods screamed at him.

Admin Comments: The witness was also chased out of the forest by an unseen something that shook limbs and screamed, a few years before he had the close visual encounter.

The particular incident described in this report was quite disturbing to the witness, who had hunted there all his life. He described his feeling as one of “shock” as he came within mere feet of the animal. The witness stated that he is tall, standing at six feet six inches in height, and at the time of his encounter he was that tall or very near that height. The witness remembered having to look up at the animal’s face. The animal hurriedly turned and “scurried” off into the thick undergrowth. The witness heard it running off for a few seconds before the sound of running abruptly stopped.

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  1. Bears make marks on trees using their claws and deers use their antlers. They’re marking the territory. You best stay away from bears and Bigfoot when you see or hear them out in the woods.

  2. We stumbled over here different page and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

  3. I hope the hunters never find them. for if they do some a-hole will kill one & what would be the point? leave them alone to live out there lives in peace !!

  4. they are elusive because of guns. they undoubtedly have seen the power of guns and how they can kill, so this has to be part of the reason.

  5. I would set up them trail cams, flir infrared to get something on camera. That creature is not camera shy it seems.

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