Hunter finds track way in creek near Mississippi River.

Upon entering woods, traced repetitive tracks down a creek, saw footprints and hand prints. Upon seeing this, got a tape measure & measured them, the stride being 5’2-5’6 average. I also took pictures. The footprints were 15 1/2-16″ long and one appeared 11″ wide. I followed the tracks approx 1/2 mile until they went into a three-acre wetland, then they disappeared into the water.

This witness was reportedly hunting deer along a creek that feeds the Mississippi river one morning when he came upon what appeared to be a track way of large barefoot tracks in the soft creek mud. After looking closely at the tracks, the hunter had no explanation for what created them, other than that they had been made by a Bigfoot. The witness measured the tracks at fifteen and one-half inches in length. One of the tracks had a very wide measurement of almost eleven inches in width, although the soft mud may have played a role in expanding the width. Prior to finding the track way, the witness had talked to an elderly gentleman who owned the land directly adjacent to the creek. The elderly man had mentioned that there was a big creature that passed through the area.

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  1. When I was a kid in New Jersey and my brother was running in the rain it left footprints in the mud. He has size 19 shoes then and weighed 400 pounds and was a pro wrestler. He was running around barefoot, and it looked like a giant footprint. Someone from the county news took mold casts of the footprints. I was 12, we were kids and the people from the house called the county. We didn’t want to get in trouble for rutting the new houses yard. They did a write up in the star ledger newspaper on it with pictures.

    1. Hahaha, I like the comparison of the size 20 human footprints in mud being cast molded by the bigfoot research.

  2. About ten years ago I was camping and sitting around the camp fire. I heard a strange yell from up the trail and was scared. I noticed the sound getting closer so I got up and ran and tripped on a log and fell. As I was getting up I felt fur and smelled a horrible rotten smell. It was a bigfoot and it was towering over me. The bigfoot looked a me and then let out a loud scream and then ran off. I was very lucky that night. Anyway, it left prints in the dirt sand that couldn’t be taken mold casts of them and the cell phone pics of them were hazy.

    1. Thank you, it seems like some of the best prints and footprint track markings aren’t going to be saved.

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  4. I was following some deer tracks on some land and ran into a set of big footprints smudged in the snow on the ground and I could see they were bigfoot prints.

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